Sitecore - Update Sitecore Next.js JSS solution from 19.0.2 to 20.0.3

For the first time, nothing stands in the way of updating to a newer JSS version, in case that the version is supported by the Sitecore XM/XP version. This is the case for the update 19.0.2 to 20.0.3. However, for the first time, a plan belongs to every Sitecore update.

Expected plan:

  • Check the changelog of Sitecore:
  • Scaffolding of a new Next.js app on most recent version. For later comparison.
  • Creating a folder with a feature update GIT branch. Here we make our first update attempts and can compare the differences directly with the current branch folder.
  • Expected doings
    • Backend: Sitecore XM/XP solution
      • Local Docker setup: Change the JSS base docker images used by chaning the package in your .env config
      • Local Installation setup: Change/Install the Headless Packages downloaded from the Sitecore download page
  • Frontend: Next.js app
    • Update the package.json relevant version numbers
    • Clear node_modules and run npm install
    • Compare with a tools the changes introduced by the new scaffolding setup
      • New files in new setup => usually take to your solution
      • Deleted files => delete them but check on customizations and migrate them to maybe renamed files at another location -Changed files => Determine which is cleverer: use new file and apply your customizations or take your file and adapt changes from new version
    • Do manual changes where needed
  • DevOps:
    • Check Pipelines for usage of needed node.js / npm versions
    • Adaptations to pipelines to use the newer Headless Package Versions or Docker Base images
  • Testing, Testing, Testing: If you can profit from existing test automation, do this!


Finding out that the scaffolding has changed

  • npm install -g @sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-cli
  • npm init sitecore-jss nextjs

Create update branch in own folder

Changes to Sitecore XM/XP

In the .env file, set up the JSS docker images variables.

  • Update COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME => -update (to create own images and not overwrite existing)
  • Update NODEJS_VERSION= eg: 14.5.6 => 16.15.0
  • Update JSS_VERSION= eg: => 20.0.1-20H2
  • execute a new docker-compose build to get new images

Changes to Next.js frontend solution

Change package.json

  • Update Package numbers
    • Node (>=8.1 => >=12)
    • NPM (>=5.6.0 => >=6)
    • next (^11.0.1 => ^12.1.0)
    • sitecore-jss-cli (^19.0.2 => ^20.0.3)
    • sitecore-jss-dev-tools (^19.0.2 => ^20.0.3)
    • sitecore-jss-manifest (^19.0.2 => ^20.0.3)
    • sitecore-jss-nextjs (^19.0.2 => ^20.0.3)
  • Update added plugin package
    • sitecore-jss-forms (^20.0.1 => ^20.0.3)
    • sitecore-jss-react-forms (^20.0.1 => ^20.0.3)
    • sitecore-jss-tracking (^19.0.2 => ^19.0.2)

Detect and fix changes to files by comparing them (list not 100% accurate)

  • scripts/bootstrap.ts
  • scripts/disconnected-mode-proxy.ts
  • scripts/generate-plugins.ts
  • scripts/utils.ts
  • sitecore/definitions/component-content.sitecore.ts
  • sitecore/definitions/content.sitecore.ts
  • sitecore/definitions/dictionary.sitecore.ts
  • sitecore/definitions/component-content.sitecore.ts
  • sitecore/definitions/placeholders.sitecore.ts
  • sitecore/definitions/routes.sitecore.ts
  • components/AppRoot/Layout.tsx
  • lib/component-props/index.ts
  • lib/dictionary-service-factory.ts
  • lib/layout-service-factory.ts
  • lib/page-props.ts
  • lib/page-props-factory.ts
  • lib/page-props-factory/*
  • pages/[[...path]].tsx

The main manual changes in my case were mainly related to Sitecore’s refactoring of the PageProps and ComponentProps.

The SitecoreContext was slightly modified and the layout.tsx now consumes a “layoutData” instead of a “sitecoreContext”.

Eventually update packages dependencies:

npm audit fix (–force)

Build all and start the solution.

Test the solution