Developing with Sitecore means dealing with configurations. The variables like commands, events, agents, pipelines and its processors as well as usage of settings makes the CMS so flexible for all kind of projects.
It also demands deep understanding and knowledge from the developers to extend the product at the correct point without missconfiguring any other parts of the solution.
During the last years Sitecore has extended it's functionality. With the increased feature set the corresponding code and configuration has also grown which was the reason for me to create some metrics about the Sitecore versions I worked with.

Please note: the following numbers were generated and collected by searching in the Sitecore plain web root folder. The numbers may also contain some wrong counts like elements from example or disabled files.

So here are some facts about the web root files structure:





If we look into the files we will find the following element counts:




A view at events and commands reveals no big changes. However, on the processor- and settings-level we have a huge increase in numbers over the time.




The facts show that the most element types increased with the Sitecore versions. In three major versions the available settings increased almost three times.